The 31st of December 2015 is here.  And today I set up my first blog page, in preparedness for 2016.

2016 is to be an experimental year for me.  I’m going to do stuff just to see what happens.  New stuff that I haven’t done before.  Like start a blog.

My experience with blogs is limited.  Most of the blogs I have read are those of authors.  I read a lot so that would be why.  But I am not a well-known author so who would read my blog?  And is that important anyway?  Why not just keep a diary?  But hey, let’s do this blog thing and see what happens.  No expectations.

So, 2016.

I no longer have a job.  By a job, I mean work that I do, get paid for, know that I’ll have enough money in my bank account to cover my bills.  That is gone.  I’m a little scared.  But I reckon a little fear could be a good motivator.  My office job with my regular income made me lazy.  This past year I found I just didn’t care anymore.  About my job, that is.  I don’t want to not care.

I’m dedicating my 2016 to the concept of SURRENDER.  I’ve usually hunted for what I’ve wanted.  Chased my prey through any problems thrown in my path.  And what I’ve wanted has probably been determined by what I’ve thought I SHOULD want – safety, security … Now, I’m going to try another way.  There are things that I do that I care about.  And there are things I think I may care about doing if I give myself the chance.  I’m going to explore these things, surrender myself to them, and see what happens.

So what are these things?

I’ve always wanted to have a market stall.  And I love crochet. So I’m going to crochet some beautiful things and try and sell them at a market stall.  Having been in business, time and money dictated where my energy went.  In 2016 it isn’t going to.  I’m going to make things that I like making and then try and sell them. And I shall sweep aside all business sense in how I determine the price.  It isn’t going to be about the money. It’s going to be about the process. The process of making things, the process of being part of a market. And about opening my senses to what is going on around me – being aware.  And being aware of any expectations that may creep in and any judgements I make.

My experience in business has also included employing and training people. That has been where I have felt most stimulated. I’ve cared about it.  So I shall explore that too.  I’ve never been one for networking but now that I don’t have an office job, I suspect I may miss being with people.  So I’m going to give networking a go and see if anybody out there could do with some help in employing and training staff.  Again, the focus is not intended to be the money, but the process.  Being aware of what is happening.

And I’ve come to appreciate that ritual can give security and pause.  I hope to make writing this blog a ritual and a place to keep a record of my experiment to surrender.



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  1. Sometimes when life’s path is cloudy trusting the inner compass is the best we can do. In some sense, I am also at a similar crossroads and currently fighting the fear to let go of my black-and-white views of what is and what isn’t and just trust the inner navigator. I hope everything goes well for both of us, but there are no terminal conditions unless we give up. Otherwise, it’s fall, stand, try again. 😀


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