I surrender to the world into which I am born. I don’t have power to change it. I have power to change myself. I listen to the whispers and I listen to the storms. I surrender to their flow.

For now, there are whispers. Whispers of creativity. Ideas are flowing and I’m flowing with them. I’m morphing from the hare into the tortoise. As I bring my awareness to being aware, it is as if time has slowed down.  Each press of the keyboard is a deliberate event. I pause to breath. The birds are chirruping outside and my son is sniffing on the sofa as he reads his book. I’m smiling.

I had a dream the other evening. I was in the ocean on my surfboard and a huge wave was approaching. I have sometimes dreamed of destructive waves before a life changing event. But this one was different. This time there was someone beside me and we came up with a plan on what we would do. Every other time, I have faced the wave on my own. And this time it it turned out to be a swell. It didn’t form into a breaking wave. A sign of a milder storm to come?



Breathe deeply



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