Surrender to the idea

yeah yeah yeah, life is like this path blah blah blah. But it really is you know! I feel like I’m walking down this glamour path (of the faerie type). Anything can happen if you let go of what you think you will see. Taking the proverbial path less trodden. As I let go, the faeries are coming out and taking me by the hand and leading me their merry dance to magical places in my head I haven’t been before. It’s intoxicating. Is this how people end up in loony bins? Oh well wtf, surrender to the idea of a loony bin too, hey.

It may or it may not work. Maybe I’m going to the extreme and I’ll bounce back to some middle-ground. But let’s push those boundaries.

I have discovered that I am making things which I think will sell. So I asked myself the question, yeah the really deep one. Why am I doing that? Why don’t I make what I like? And the answer is scary and sad. I don’t know what I like. Figuring out what other people like, trying to make stuff that others may buy, is probably not a bad thing. But not knowing what I like is not good. Damn I thought I had come so far. But I don’t know what I like ffs! How sad is that! And how will I determine what I like anyway? I reckon I’m pretty fickle and will like something one day and not the next. But maybe this trying to focus on the process thing rather than the outcome will help me know what I like?

Well, there is one thing that I make that I do like, now that I think about it. And that is my crocheted bookmarks. I know I like reading and that would be why. Hmm, maybe I can crochet book covers too.  Now there is a thought.

So, I’m off to finish my bookmark and design a book cover. That’s me surrendering to the idea.


2 thoughts on “Surrender to the idea

  1. Does it matter that you don’t know what you like? I think what matters is that you know you want to know. That will reveal what you like in due time. I’m discovering myself every day, little by little, and the process of this discovery is the best part. It’s the journey that matters for me, not the destination.


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