Fussy and Obsessive

I have noticed in the last few days that I like paying attention to detail. For me, it makes what I do worth doing. It means that I care. In the past I tried specifically NOT to pay attention to detail as I had frequently been brought to task for being ‘fussy’, ‘obsessive’ and ‘taking things too seriously’. So I gave up paying attention to detail. Which meant that I stopped focusing on the process and honed in on the result. It was a matter of getting the job done as quickly as possible in an acceptable manner. Time and money, time and money, time and money …
Now that I am surrendering to my ideas, I am once again paying attention to detail. Fucking A! It makes me feel GREAT! I’ve come back to life. And I’m calmer and more patient too. I’m not getting so rattled by stuff. I give a damn. So call me fussy or obsessive or serious if you will. I’m loving this space I’m in. Time and money be fucked.
Well, unless it is needed again, ha ha ha.


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